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Under the name of Bloco X, Samba friends from all over the world meet to play together finest Samba tunes every year. Bloco X aims to give top-class Samba percussionists from like-minded groups the chance to play together on the highest level possible outside of Brazil.

In part we play the latest Samba Songs from Rio de Janeiro, on the other hand we honor the good old times and beautiful classic Samba Songs. About 100 percussionists, a dozen singers, cavaquinho and 7 string guitar players on stage guarantee an incredible experience of authentic Samba, good energy and a lot of fun for both, the audience and the musicians.

One of our focuses lies in the consolidation and development of the Samba scene outside of Brazil and in caring about friendships across the globe. The other main focus is to make our audience experience some of the magic energy that Samba creates. By the sound of 100 Samba drums, nobody can stand still.

As our meetings and rehearsals happen to be in Europe, Bloco X is proud to bring together players from almost all European countries plus some from even further away (Canada, USA, Lebanon, etc.).


  • 1-5
    Anual rehearsal
    Estarreja (Portugal)
    Annual rehearsal
    Krakow (Poland)


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How to participate

Bloco X looks for players with good technical ability and great swing, energy and attitude. To us, good groove, musicality and communication are more important than solos or the latest material.

Each October an audition takes place for the Bloco X Bateria. We ask new players interested in taking part to send us demo videos before the 30th of June – after this date we may not have time to respond – the earlier we receive demos the better.

We have put together guidance for demos on each instrument – links below. Section directors will reply to demos with helpful feedback and promising candidates will be invited to take part in our October meeting, where they can put themselves forward for further events.

Recommendations are still useful, of course. We rely on our regular players, with their feel for Bloco X, to recommend friendly, dedicated ritmistas who are ready to travel!

In each of our meetings there are informal moments, in the night and during the sambão, when there is some freedom to change instruments – though even in these moments we ask players to change back if directors request it. At other times, to create our best sound, we ask players to stick to their section. Partners, close friends and family prepared to help are welcome to party with us and to play in informal moments.

Our repertoire and musical collaboration grow every year, so to take part in a summer event, we ask players to come to either the preceding autumn or spring rehearsal, or to both. Players interested in taking part again after several years' absence, please write to us. Generally, event invitations will go out by email to regular players, while the Bloco X Family facebook group is for dear friends of all eras.

Finally, to take part, please stay in touch. If you can't come to events, but you are still interested, please respond to our messages and make sure we always have your best email address.

Na procura da batida perfeita,
The Bloco X Family

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Charlie Evans
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Chris Quade Couto
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